Stargazing Made Easy

Stargazing Made Easy

A fun way to enjoy the evening is Stargazing.  I like to start my stargazing by finding the Big Dipper, a recognizable group of stars in the Northern Hemisphere.  This circumpolar constellation is located in the constellation, Ursa Major.

You can be an expert in no time at all with the help of phone apps like "Planets" (free for iPhone users) or "GoSkyWatch". 

Grab your telescope or binoculars Find an area away from city lights and get yourself a reclining chair or blanket/tarp to lay out on.  

Want an extra special evening?  Search for times when the International Space Station will be going over your area.  It is brighter and faster than a satellite and easy to see in the night sky right after sunset.  Or search online for meteor showers and plan your stargazing night when several "shooting stars" are expected.

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