Geocaching Treasure Hunt

Geocaching Treasure Hunt

Geocaching is a fun combination of hiking and treasure hunting.  Grab your handheld GPS and head outdoors for an adventure.  This family friendly activity can keep your hike well disguised as a game.  My boys usually like the idea of going on a family hike, but when we are Geocaching they are ALL IN!

Download the Geocaching app or research caches before you head out on your next hike or camping trip.  Using the GPS coordinates you are ready to start your search.  Not only will you likely find creatively concealed caches, you may find treasures to collect.  Find a treasure, leave a treasure is a good practice.  Bring along a handful of mini toys and trinkets to leave behind for the next family to find.

This will keep your kids entertained time after time.  They rarely even consider this as exercise because they are so occupied with finding the treasure.  Many caches are placed where there is more to see like a great view or an area of historical significance.  This is a great way to find new and interesting areas to explore.

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