Discovering Waterfalls

Discovering Waterfalls

A group of my friends decided to go on a hike in Central Oregon to a waterfall that we hadn't been to before.  I looked up the waterfall on Google Maps only to discover that there were 4-5 additional waterfalls surrounding the one we were heading to. So we printed up topo maps, grabbed our compasses and GPS and made a challenge to see all of the waterfalls.

Just outside of Sisters, Oregon in the Three Sisters Wilderness we started with Google Maps route to Chush Falls.  The directions went a little "wonky" the closer we got to the trailhead.  We stopped and asked 2 campers and they told us how to get on the correct road and look for the bridge.  Once at the bridge, we came across a forest service employee that pointed us up the hill a few miles to the trailhead.  A very small parking lot that can handle about 8 cars and an information board that was absolutely useless.  We headed off to Chush Falls about 2 miles up the trail.

Most of the group made it to 3 waterfalls, Chush Falls, The Cascades Waterfall and one spectacular waterfall named Kaluwas Falls.  Kaluwas wasn't showing on our maps and we were about to turn around when a hiker came down the trail ahead of us.  He said, "I can't believe you are turning around!  The best waterfall I've seen in Oregon is at the end of this trail".  So, we pushed on through a steep and narrow trail to come out to a great waterfall with about a 223 foot drop that more resembles whitewater rapids.  As I discovered later, the Forest Service only maintains the trail to Chush Falls and left this waterfall off of their maps.  Don't miss this one if you take this hike.

Three of our group were successful in reaching Lower Park Creek Falls, Columnar Canyon Falls, Mosaic Falls and Shelter Falls.  It was a fun way to spend the afternoon and we all had an unexpected adventure of discovering waterfalls.


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