About Me

About Me

So you might be asking, "who is this guy telling me what is best to do outdoors?"

Not only am I the proud father of three sons that are all Eagle Scouts, I have been associated with Boy Scouts (now Scouts BSA) for over 30 years.  I was a scout as a kid and I have been a scout leader for over 20 years.  I have accumulated over 500 nights of camping and love to get outside and seek new adventures.

My youngest son got me into geocaching and disc-golfing about 10 years ago and it has opened up so many more places to visit and explore.  I love taking the dogs along and getting them exercise or just for a good excuse to go out.

I will add some stories of the fun times I've had with the family and some of the cool adventures I've had in scouts.

Please bookmark this website and come back weekly for my new blog entries and stories.

If there are ideas you have or have questions about anything on my website, feel free to email me at bestoutdooractivities@gmail.com.

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